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Making YOU
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Located in the heart of Lombard, the leading health professionals at Progressive Physical Medicine are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your physical healthcare goals. From a state-of-the-art facility to one-on-one comprehensive care, we are committed to making YOU our first priority.

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Therapy with a
personal touch


Through chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and thorough patient education, our Physicians and Clinical Staff are dedicated to eliminating your symptoms, restoring your full function, and helping you reinstate a healthier lifestyle.

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Highly qualified physicians and staff


Our highly qualified Physicians and Clinical Staff provide care to a wide range of patients for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. We are recognized by the medical community for our expertise in the evaluation, our attention to detail, and uncompromised one-on-one care.

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In addition to providing progressive, effective care, PPM is also very active in the local community. We promote health and wellness by supporting local schools and sports teams, community churches, officials and employers, and charitable organizations; as well as provide educational lectures to local town's citizens on numerous health topics.

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Here at PPM, we are committed to providing 'Patient-Centered Care' and believe in customizing all Treatment Programs for each patient's specific condition, challenges, and future goals. Our Physicians and clinical staff are devoted to providing an engaging therapy experience for each patient for the entire duration of their treatment plan, in a professional and motivating environment. We will spend the time you need at each and every visit, making sure you are on the road to recovery, meanwhile developing a longstanding professional relationship. 

What to expect...

PPM focuses on 'Total Functional Restoration' to relieve your current symptoms and reduce the future risk of re-injury. With our Doctors, you will undergo what many patients describe as the most thorough evaluation they have ever experienced. In treatment, our Physicians and Clinical Staff will utilize a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to decrease your pain and improve your muscle and joint mobility. Coupled with neuromuscular re-education and exercise, your muscles will be retrained to promote proper posture, more efficient movement, and better body mechanics throughout all of your activities of daily living. Finally, we will educate you in self-management strategies that will help you to maintain your 'functional status' and pain-free living for many years to come.

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